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The ideas, frameworks, and pushback to push forward

Peer-to-peer Advisory

Facilitated Clarity

Ken is a master chair who has led groups of C-Suite leaders for decades. The Vistage model provides an honest and valuable sounding board for any leader who has discovered that loneliness at the top is an operational issue.

International Speaking

Ken is a world renowned expert on high performing teams, human capital, and multigenerational workforces. He speaks over 100 times a year to organizations of all sized across the Western Hemisphere. 

Click on a speaking topic to discover how bringing Ken into to your organization changes minds and boosts performance  


Kansas Based Manufacturer

One of the best speakers I have ever seen in 15 years. So much great, usable content. I've already implemented the Coaching Conversations to my leadership team

His message is spot on, current and actionable. I really appreciated hearing it and I am glad I had a guest with me to hear it first hand. Thank you for speaking to our group and we look forward to holding ourselves accountable to implement our learnings.

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